Our Key Services

Cyber Essentials

We provide the advice and guidance needed to place your company in the security mindset and become Cyber Essentials certified.

Apple Support

Genius Support caters to businesses relying on Apple products with the help of our Apple certified partners.

VoIP Telephony

Genius Support handle the complete implementation and support of VoIP Phone Systems designed to suit your needs.

IT Service Examples

Genius Blog

Phishing Attacks (More Advanced Than Ever)

Typically we recommend checking the domain names within

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing gives us the ability to evaluate th

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Office 365

For many companies, we have provisioned and configured

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GDPR is here. Have you done everything you need to? In

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Google lawsuit – Does Google owe you money?

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The people behind YouOweUs.co.uk are taking Google to c

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