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Google lawsuit – Does Google owe you money?

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The people behind YouOweUs.co.uk are taking Google to court. It is alleged that Google unlawfully collected data of iPhone users between June 2011- February 2012, via ‘The Safari Workaround’, a trick to obtain the users personal data by bypassing the iPhone’s built in privacy settings for the default web browser. This would then be collected

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Backup & Redundancy

There are many options when it comes to data backup. Do you work in a Cloud based environment? If so do you still need to backup? Do you trust your provider? We have many clients that operate with local data and as you can imagine, the presence of an offsite backup is highly important. Genius

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Cat5-6 Cabling & Wifi Post #1

Network cabling, whether it’s cat5 or cat6 is the Foundation of any computer network. As businesses grow or take on new premises there is often a requirement for a new network cabling installation or an extension of an existing system. Genius Services only install the very best in network and data components insuring a high

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Network Solutions post #1

Computer networks really are our bread and butter. On a daily basis we look after many company’s network infrastructure, from network sockets in the floor or on the walls to managed switches and virtual arrangements. Along side conventional wired systems we provide business grade Wi-Fi Solutions. Get in touch now for more details and a

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Server post & NAS Storage #1

We work with many businesses that do not always require large-scale infrastructure such as high performance servers. Often businesses require storage on site and in many cases we install NAS drives. You can consider a NAS drive to be similar to a plug in hard drive, however instead of connecting directly to a computer the

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